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Race Report: Alp d’Huez Long Course, Sanna & Ville

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Long Course and a long day. The idea of doing this race has been with us at least a year and we were planning to register at this on January. I was not even given the chance to register myself because Sanna enrolled as both to this race already in December, as a gift to […]

Race Report: Finntriathlon Joroinen by Thunder Thighs (Relay)

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Our “fun” race for the Summer is done. Thankfully this is a hobby and we can categorize everything under “fun” with this stuff. Background Me and Sanna thought that this year would be suitable for skipping the Finntriathlon race in Joroinen. We both had done it numerous times and our main races were coming relatively […]


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Yesterday was yet again THE race day in Finnish triathlon calendar. The day when an otherwise tranquil village in the eastern part of Finland suddenly transforms into busy race venue that draws undoubtedly the fittest citizens in the country to battle it out against each other and more importantly, against themselves.
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